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Inventors and exclusive distributors of the Authentic Argentine Charcoal Grill.

Our History

In 1992 Jose and Antonio Lamendola decided to bring the traditional argentine barbecue grill to the united states. They designed a unique concrete pre cast system that allows us to ship the barbecue grill or outdoor kitchen in parts to be assembled on site. The advantages of this design are the in most cases you will not need permits for assembly and all grills can be disassembled and taken with you if you sell your home.

Our Uniquely designed grilling system allows you to adjust the hight of the grill to create delectable dishes while adding style to your patio. It allows for leaner tastier food. No longer will you experience the frustration of burning your meats.

All or our Barbecues are built to your specifications and guaranteed for 3 years. For the finished look we offer a wide range of decorative tie, brick and stucco.

Prefabricated concrete barbecue kits ! 10-15 Parts!

We offer four types of barbecue grills in three different sizes to fit everyone's needs. Custom metal fabrication also available.

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